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IMG_6354s Tha Hairband Queens proudly displaying their hand made hairbands which they made at a Waterfall Beads Party. Hairband party L Girls choosing beads at a Waterfall Beads Jewellery Making Party. This is me helping the party girl make her bracelet! IMG_5181L Charm Bracelet Party for 12 year old girls. The Birthday Girl proudly displaying her bracelet and bag charm! A party girl proudly showing off her gorgeous bracelet. Party al fresco!! A sunny Waterfall Beads Party in the garden! party 14 Jewellery Making Parties by Waterfall Beads. A Waterfall Beads Charm Bracelet Party Duo Wrap Party Charm Bracelet Party Charm Party Close up Making a Key Ring Accessorize Party Frozen original Genna M IMG_9280 Frozen Setting Frozen Party time! Frozen Staircase in Kensington An Amazing Frozen Party!