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Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are some of the questions I'm most frequently asked by other mums. Hopefully the answer you're looking for will be here, but if not, please do give me a ring or send me an email.  I'm always very happy to answer questions.  You can also read how the different parties work here:

Q.  I only have a small table and six chairs but would like to invite ten girls.  Will there be enough space?


A.  I very often find that the girls don't actually sit on their chairs, they stand in front of them!  They actually get in the way unless you have plenty of space, so I often recommend that the chairs are removed so that the girls can stand round the table. This way you can fit more girls around the table and they can walk easily around the table to collect beads!


Q. My ten year old daughter has a younger sister who would like to join in. Would this be possible?


A.  Absolutely!  If your daughter is having a more grown up party where pliers are necessary, I will bring along a wrap around bracelet and necklace wire so that your younger daughter can make something more age appropriate.  She can still use all the same beads and charms and will feel part of the party!  

(If you are buying a party kit, just pop a wrap around bracelet or Duo extra kit into your basket!)


Q.  I have a son who may want to join in.  What could he make?


A.  Boys are very welcome and I have a special tray of boys beads and charms especially for them!  They can choose to make an elasticated or wrap around bracelet using cool wooden beads, a key ring or bag charm or a necklace.  You may be surprised to find that your son actually wants to use the same beads as the girls and make something for his mum!


Q.  How many children can I invite to the party?


A.  That is entirely up to you, depending on how much space you have available!  I have done many parties of 20 to 30 children and I even did one for 88 in November! If there are going to be more than about 18 children, I will bring my 15 year old daughter along to help me.  She is really helpful and enjoys coming along with me and earning a bit of extra pocket money!


Q.  I am worried about having a party in my home!


A.  You need not worry! My parties are VERY calm and the girls will be far too busy to run riot around your home!  In fact, at nearly every party I do, the parents say they have never heard the children be so quiet and concentrate so much!


Q.  Do I need to provide extra party bags?


A.  The girls will all have a pretty organza bag containing their handmade jewellery to take home.  There is space in the bags to add a few sweets or something small if you wish, but it really isn't necessary!


Q.  If I have an extra child turn up will you be able to bring an extra kit?


A.  I don't actually bring individual kits with me, they are just for the party kits I send through the post!  I bring billions of beads which are all in trays which I place down the middle of the table, so the children have loads of choice of colours, size and texture.  The hardest part of the party is choosing as there's so much choice!


Q.  How far will you travel to do a party?


A.  I'm based in Southampton and am happy to travel up to about 60 miles.  I do charge mileage over 20 miles though, to cover my extra fuel and travelling time and will tell you how much this will be when you make your initial enquiry.


Q. I have absolutely NO jewellery making experience.  Will I be able to finish off the DIY Party Kits?


A. The answer is YES!  You don't need to have any experience as the kits are very easy to finish and   there are instructions in every kit.  If you choose wrap around bracelets, Duo kits or hairbands there are tutorials which will help you.  You can watch them here: 

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