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Wooden Bead Bangle
Party Boy Bracelets!

Even though my parties are mainly for girls, I do understand that sometimes girls want to invite boys to their parties!  So I now have a page dedicated to boys!


With a hosted party, the boys are able to use the same beads as the girls if they wish, but I also have a whole tray of boys beads and charms!  They are able to make keyrings, school bag charms or a cool bracelet and necklace, using either memory wire and rubber tubing or leather cord.  Just let me know there will be boys at the party and I will bring everything they need to make some super cool jewellery!


Below are some examples of what they could make using the 'boy beads' but of course, if they choose pink beads, that is entirely up to them!!  Some boys choose to make a bracelet for their mum which is also a lovely idea!  


Beads for Boys!

Robot Key Ring Champion Bracelet

Wrap Around Bracelets

Two super cool

bracelets made by

the brother of one

of my party girls!

Wooden Surfer Bracelets

Wooden Bead Bracelets

Key Rings

If you are hosting your own party and would like to buy a boys kit, they are available here:

Kits for Boys