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So anyway, about ME!

I absolutely love running my own business and will never tire of hearing the excited squeals and gasps of the girls (and their mums!) when they walk into the party room and see all the gorgeous beads down the middle of the table! The parties keep me busy at weekends and I spend my time during the week putting together and posting party kits all over the world.  Sometimes, when I'm doing a particularly large party (over 18 children) my 15 year old daughter comes with me to help, which is lovely.  She really enjoys helping all the little girls and loves earning extra pocket money!!!

I started hosting children's jewellery making parties in 2010 when, after much searching for an unusual and fun party idea for my daughter's birthday party and not finding anything we hadn't already done, I decided to do it myself!  I have always loved making jewellery and love being surrounded by children so it seemed like the perfect idea!  My daughter was ten at the time and liked the idea of a charm bracelet party, so I invested in lots of pairs of pliers, bead mats, organza bags and lots more pretty beads.  She loved it and luckily so did her friends! They were sooo proud of their gorgeous handmade charm bracelets and were so excited to show their parents when they arrived to pick them up.  I can truthfully say it was the calmest party we've ever done!


From that point on I never looked back!  I had really enjoyed doing my daughter's party and knew it was something I could turn into a fabulous business.  I now do about eighty parties a year!!

My name is Jen and I'm a happy, bubbly, very down to earth mum and wife!  I have three children, two pugs, a cat, a gerbil and I absolutely LOVE hosting jewellery making parties!  

So why choose Waterfall Beads?

I've been in your position many, many times!  I know how frustrating it is to spend hours and hours looking for party ideas, scouring the internet, asking around your friends, trying to find recommendations for great parties, only to find nothing is suitable or in your area.  It feels like you've wasted so much valuable time and achieved absolutely nothing! What you would love is for someone to say "My daughter had a fabulous party.  I didn't have to do anything.  I just enjoyed watching the girls having fun and then gave them tea afterwards.  It was so easy and calm."  And that's how I can help you!!

My parties are calm, fun, creative and completely stress free for parents!  I will keep the kids busy for between one to two hours, depending on which party you choose, leaving you free to organise the party lunch or tea and enjoy watching your daughter have loads of fun with her friends.  You don't even need to provide party bags (saving you time and money!) as all the children will have a pretty keepsake bag filled with gorgeous handmade jewellery to take home after the party.


I am fully insured and DBS checked.  I also have lots of really lovely independent reviews which you can read HERE.

So that's Waterfall Beads and me in a nutshell!  If you would like to enquire about a party or party kit, please do ring or email me anytime.  I'm very happy to answer any questions you may have!


Jen xx

The Face Behind the Beads! Jen from Waterfall Beads Jewellery Making Parties